Sale for woodworking machinery

Woodworking machinery

The main activity of Biggin Renato is selling machines for woodworking.

We specialize in the sale of new and used woodworking machinery, advising our clients the most cost effective and suitable to their needs.

Our experience allows us to rely fully functional and reconditioned machines in our factory, in fact deal with the leading brands in the industry that will provide you with a high standard of quality.

Our professionalism and technological adaptation led us to develop an extensive online digital catalog of our machines and cutting wood, making sure that you can assess directly and transparently what we propose.

Machinery for wood used are always provided with the CE mark, documentation, manuals and any necessary utensils.

What makes us reliable is also the ongoing collaboration and sales to customers located outside of Italy.


Spare parts sales

Among the most well-known problems of the used machines there is the availability of spare parts, so we have equipped ourselves to provide them upon request to not create you discomfort when you need to replace a few.

Do not scrap your woodworking machine, always check with us the availability of spare parts.


After-sales service

Woodworking machinery technical supportWe provide technical support after the sale.

With this service we will follow you in cases where the machine has problems when turned on, are detected malfunctions and recommendations for the installation of additional tools.



Loading/unloading containers

Loading and unloading of woodworking machineryOur office in Casale di Scodosia provides the appropriate structure for loading and unloading of container.

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