Biggin Renato

Our company Biggin Renato deals in sales machines for woodworking of all kinds.

We can rely on experience in the Italian market and abroad for over 30 years, a factor that distinguishes us as well as the transparency and professionalism with customers and suppliers. The satisfaction of our customers is due to our ability to interact with them in a professional way by researching and proposing the most appropriate and economic solutions for their needs..

Our store with a large inventory of equipment and spare parts is in Casale di Scodosia in the province of Padua, known as the country of the art furniture and chairs. What we do in fact comes from experience in the craft sector, more precisely of the chair.


Biggin Renato

Biggin Renato
Biggin Renato, Machines for woodworking
via La Palazzina, 477
35040 Casale di Scodosia (Padova)
Tel. 0429 878056 - Fax. 0429 849112
P.iva: 01849650286

Fabio Lovato, sviluppatore siti web Casale di Scodosia (Padova)